2. Promote Sustainability

Jobs, productivity and an efficient use of resources

Social, economic and environmental sustainability is the best path to a more productive agricultural and agrifood sector that is more productive, uses resources more efficiently and is eco-friendly. The unfailing inclusion of these objectives in national and European policies will ensure the sector will grow, create jobs and be more competitive.


We therefore launch an appeal asking that:

• The social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability be included in a balanced manner in political measures.

• Job creation and job protection be promoted in the agricultural and agrifood sector, in particular youth employment, which is a priority at the European level.

• The specific competences in the administrative bodies at every level be reinforced, enabling decisions based on scientific knowledge, a fundamental pillar of European Union policies.


An appeal and a plan for the Italian agrifood production chain, addressed to the European authorities with the intention of increasing public awareness and informing institutions of the need to invest in innovation and research in agriculture and the food & beverage industry.

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