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3. The Best Possible Policy

Stimulate innovation in a barrier-free common market

Innovation has to be stimulated. At the European level, as at the national level, science, growth and innovation must be supported. Doing this would boost investment and consumer confidence. Europe must take on a leadership role, be identified as the seat of innovation, improving the workings of the internal market and access to innovative products and processes.

We therefore launch an appeal asking that:

• The functioning of the single market be guaranteed and mutual integration improved

• The bureaucratic burden be reduced

• The convergence between national, European and international policy be pursued, and cooperation with third party countries be also reinforced

• Facilitate access to the market of technologies, products and materials of strategic importance to innovation

• Scientific evidence be utilized in the processes for the authorization of products and technologies, with proceedings that are proportional, practical, reliable, open to innovation and affordable

• Institutional policies be promoted that share a balanced approach to risk/benefit analyses in impact evaluations and decision-making processes

• Communication and education of the public by the competent authorities be upgraded, in order to increase confidence in the assessments of product safety

• Every effort be made to reinforce the authoritativeness of the scientific community and the value of research and innovation in the opinion of the general public

• A critical revision, re-arrangement, harmonization and simplification of all the regulations affecting the sector be undertaken.

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