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Italy leads the way to a new perspective

Innovation also means contributing to the recognition and valorization of the national agricultural and agrifood culture, also in view of promoting better lifestyles and consumption habits based on quality and excellence

The national agricultural and agrifood production is part of the “culture of food, health and wellbeing” that draws its inspiration from the tangibles and intangibles of the Mediterranean diet.


A “culture of food, health and wellbeing” that, starting from safety and nutrition, collects, distributes and valorizes the immense legacy of Italy’s agricultural, agrifood and eno-gastronomic heritage, whose roots are set in tradition, in the special, profound bond with every corner of the domestic territory, and in the remarkable store of know-how and production skills, developed through a continual quest for excellence.

These elements constitute the introduction, frame, body and context for an experience of excellence, creating a winning model now appreciated by consumers all over the world.

La nostra cultura agroalimentare si riconosce anche nell’ampia gamma delle produzioni che, presentando caratteristiche e peculiarità differenti tra loro, ha nella varietà un ulteriore elemento di valenza e riconoscibilità.

A culture of food, health and wellbeing that is in line with the ample and complex footprint defined by UNESCO in 2010, when it pronounced the Mediterranean diet an “intangible cultural heritage of humanity,” to be supported, defended and circulated through educational approaches focusing on nutrition, also proposed in the recent “Dietary guidelines for nutritional education”, issued by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) in 2015.

By continuing to innovate and by ensuring the competitive edge of its farmers, the technical supply sector (crop protection products, fertilizers, seeds and technological and innovative services and systems) and the food and beverage and animal feed industry, Italy will be ready to face this challenge and continue to supply adequate quantities of high quality food every day, at market prices, guaranteeing both a high degree of competitiveness and an adequate income for all the players along the agricultural and agrifood production chain.

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