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An appeal for the future

of agriculture

and the food & beverage


The Italian agrifood production chain has issued an appeal to the European authorities, summed up in the Manifesto: "Food for thought: the challenges facing the European system", to raise public awareness and inform the institutions of the need to invest in innovation and research in agriculture and the food and beverage industry.

The Manifesto, presented on 5 September 2017 in the lower chamber of the Italian legislature, has to date been signed by 16 associations in the agrifood sector (Aisa, Agrofarma, , Assalzoo, Assica, Assitol, Assobiotec, Assofertilizzanti, Assosementi, CIA, Confagricoltura, UNAItalia, Uniceb, Unionzucchero, Compag, API and Copagri).

The key challenges the project faces range from guaranteeing food supply and creating jobs to support growth to environmental protection and food safety. All this through the promotion of innovation and sustainability. The Cibo per la mente spokeswoman is Deborah Piovan.

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