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1. Promote innovation

Innovative technologies, production processes and products give the European Union a competitive edge and are crucial to the agricultural and agrifood production chain. Policies addressing this sector must be designed to expand the range of available instruments with an innovative approach in order to make Europe more productive, but in a sustainable manner.

We therefore launch an appeal asking that:

• Policies are enacted in support of innovation and the adoption of advanced technological techniques in every area, making the best technologies available to agribusinesses and giving consumers products that are increasingly safe, sustainable and of high quality.

• The policies that are enacted are balanced, ensuring that innovation is recognized as one of the fundamental pillars of European Union agricultural policy.

• Research in the agricultural and agrifood sector be adequately supported, to promote innovation and transfer of know-how, envisioning a Europe that makes efficient and sustainable use of its resources.

• Adequate instruments be implemented to promote and reinforce collaboration between private and publicly funded research in European and national programs.

• Intellectual property rights be adequately protected, as a guarantee of returns on research investments, and that there be an adequate program of entrepreneurial training and technology transfer.

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